What To Serve With Steak Au Poivre?

You’ve gone out to a steak house and ordered the delectable Steak au Poivre. It is so succulent! But, What To Serve With Steak Au Poivre? Maybe you don’t know. Maybe you do. Either way, keep reading for some ideas of what to serve with this yummy meal.

What Is Au Poivre?

The term “au Poivre” is French for “peppercorn,” and it refers to a style of cooking that involves sprinkling black pepper on top of an entrée. The pepper is often added at the end of cooking, as in the case of beef bourguignon (or boeuf bourguignon), but other dishes may also include it in the preparation process.

Dishes that incorporate au Poivre include:

1. Boeuf Bourguignon: This classic French dish is made with beef and lots of vegetables, including carrots, onions, and mushrooms. It’s spiced with cloves, bay leaves, and thyme, but the real star is the black pepper that’s sprinkled over the top before serving.

2. Coq au Vin: Chicken cooked with wine until tender and then covered with bacon lardons and mushrooms makes this dish one of France’s most famous comfort foods. It’s topped off with more black pepper at serving time for added flavor.

3. Escalopes de Veau à l’aubergine: Veal escalopes served with eggplant puree make this dish a hearty main course for dinner parties or family meals.

What To Serve With Steak Au Poivre?

Steak au poivre is a classic French dish made with a peppered butter sauce that’s served over steak. It’s a simple and delicious dish that is perfect for any occasion.

Steak au poivre is traditionally served with sides such as french fries or sautéed vegetables, but there are also many other options you can choose from if you want to mix up your menu. Here are some ideas:

1. Salad with a Twist

Salad with a Twist

A salad is always a good idea, but why not shake things up with something unexpected? This recipe uses red cabbage, which gives it a beautiful color and also makes it more filling. The dressing is made by combining Greek yogurt with honey and apple cider vinegar. This combination makes for an amazing dressing that will help cut through the richness of the steak au poivre.

2. Cream Cheese Alfredo Sauce

This sauce is so simple to make and tastes so good! All you have to do is mix cream cheese and Parmesan cheese together until smooth, then add some garlic powder, salt, pepper, and parsley for flavor. The cream cheese helps thicken up the sauce while still keeping it creamy and smooth.

3. Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are the perfect complement to steak au poivre because they provide a hearty side dish that’s also rich in nutrients. Baking the potatoes in their skins helps retain moisture and makes them extra flavorful. You can add even more flavor by sprinkling them with garlic powder or salt before baking them.

4. Mashed Potatoes

If you want something more substantial than baked potatoes, try mashed potatoes instead. They’re deliciously served alongside steak au poivre because they soak up all the rich flavors from the sauce. Make them ahead of time by boiling whole potatoes until they’re fork-tender, then mashing them with milk or cream until smooth and fluffy. You can also use pre-made mashed potatoes if you’re short on time or just don’t feel like making them yourself!

5. Garlic Green Beans

Garlic Green Beans

Steak au poivre goes well with garlic green beans because the combination of flavors complements each other well. The garlic adds a great taste to the green beans, while the steak provides a delicious texture and flavor.

6. Cauliflower Mash

This cauliflower mash recipe is both healthy and flavorful. It goes well with steak au poivre because it provides an alternative source of carbs that isn’t potato-based but still complements steak very well.

7. Fresh Corn Salad

This salad is a cool summertime side dish that goes great with steak au poivre. It’s made with fresh corn kernels, diced red bell peppers, green onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers tossed in a light vinaigrette dressing.

8. Crispy French Fries

Crispy French Fries

You can’t go wrong with crispy french fries, especially when they’re fried in duck fat! Add some salt and pepper before serving these delicious fries as an accompaniment to your steak au poivre.

9. Grilled Asparagus

Grilling asparagus gives it a wonderful caramelized flavor that works well with steak au poivre. Serve this vegetable alongside your steak for a delicious side dish that pairs well together!

10. Purée of Carrots

Purée of carrots is a great option because it’s simple and easy to prepare. You can make it with just about any type of carrots, but sweet baby carrots are probably the easiest to find. Just boil them until they’re tender, then purée them in a food processor or blender. Add salt and pepper to taste if desired.

11. Creamy Risotto

Creamy Risotto

Risotto is another classic side dish that goes well with steak au poivre. It’s not difficult to make risotto at home if you have the right equipment such as an electric rice cooker with a timer or a pressure cooker. You’ll also need some Parmesan cheese and butter for this recipe, so plan ahead if you don’t already have those ingredients on hand!

12. Grilled Vegetables

Steak au poivre goes well with grilled vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower. You could also add sliced portobello mushrooms or asparagus spears to round out your plate of food. These veggies will go well with the peppery flavor of the sauce on your steak, making them an excellent pairing.

13. Steamed Broccoli

If you don’t want to grill your vegetables, you can always steam them instead. Steaming requires less time than grilling but still produces great results. Steamed broccoli is a healthy addition to any meal and pairs well with steak au poivre because its flavor complements the spices in this dish very nicely.

14. Creamed Spinach

Creamed Spinach

Topped with crumbled bacon bits, creamed spinach makes an excellent accompaniment to any steak dish. And don’t forget about the garlic bread — it’s always delicious!

Making Delicious Steak Au Poivre At Home

Making delicious steak au poivre at home is not as difficult as you might think. It’s actually a simple process, but one that requires some planning.

Step 1: Make sure you have the right cut of meat. The best steak for this recipe is strip steak or New York strip steak, which has a nice fat content for roasting and will give you a tender texture after cooking.

Step 2: You’ll need about 1 pound of meat per person, so if you’re cooking for more than one person, plan accordingly.

Step 3: Season your steaks with salt and pepper before roasting them in a hot pan with butter or oil until they are browned on all sides.

Step 4: Once they’re done browning, place them in an oven-safe pan or dish and add red wine to deglaze the pan or dish along with garlic cloves, shallots, and thyme sprigs (or herbs de Provence).

Step 5: You can also add onion if desired. Pour this mixture over your steaks so they’re completely covered by the liquid (but don’t drown them!).

Step 6: Bake in a 350-degree oven for about 20 minutes until steaks reach the desired temperature (medium well is about 145 degrees).

Step 7: Remove from oven and let rest for 10 minutes before serving.


1. What kind of wine goes best with steak au poivre?

Red wines are usually recommended with this dish because they can stand up to the strong flavor of the peppercorn crust. A Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon would be ideal choices because they have enough acidity to cut through the richness of the beef and they complement the pepper flavor nicely. If you don’t have time to grab a bottle at the store, try asking your server for their recommendation on a good pairing for your meal.

2. What do you do to make sure that your steak comes out perfectly every time?

Be sure to use a good-quality beef (like prime rib or tenderloin). The key is to sear the steak in a hot pan, then finish it in the oven. This seals in all of the juices and keeps everything nice and juicy!

3. What Is The Difference Between Steak Au Poivre And Steak Tartare?

Steak tartare is similar to steak au poivre but doesn’t include any starch or sauce. It’s typically served raw and seasoned with herbs and spices like salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, parsley, onion, and capers. Some people prefer it cooked rare, while others prefer medium-rare or medium. It’s often served with toast points or rye bread as an appetizer or snack.

4. Are There Any Other Foods To Serve With Steak Au Poivre?

You could also serve a creamy potato dish like mashed potatoes or even french fries.

5. Is It Good To Eat Hot Peppers On A Date?

You should never eat hot peppers on a date unless you know exactly what you’re doing! The capsaicin, the chemical in chili peppers that gives them their heat, can cause sweating and irritation of the mucous membranes. If enough is ingested it can cause abdominal cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea.

In Conclusion

What To Serve With Steak Au Poivre? Because the steak is served with a sauce made from Cognac, many would argue that Champagne or sparkling wine should accompany it. Some people might like to pair their steak au poivre with red wine instead, such as Pinot Noir. That’s up to you!

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