The 7 Best Substitutes For Sriracha

One of the most well-liked hot sauces, sriracha is a delicious mix of sweet, spicy, and sour flavors. Because of how much you like it, the bottle can be practically empty just when you need it the most. If you ever find yourself in a pinch without sriracha, having a list of suitable alternatives handy is a must.

There are several substitutes for sriracha on the market, but Sambal Oelek is the finest. If you don’t want to use anything so out-of-the-way, you may always use a standard spicy sauce with some sugar added to it, such as Cholula.

If you can’t get sriracha, try one of these seven substitutes. You may choose the one that best suits your demands from among those that are shown here since they all provide something unique.

What is Sriracha?

Sriracha, originating in Southeast Asia, has become a worldwide phenomenon. There is now a red rooster on the shelves of grocery stores and specialty shops around the nation, representing Huy Fong’s original Sriracha.

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Sriracha is a popular hot sauce that is widely believed to have originated in Thailand. The name comes from the Thai city of Si Racha, where it is said to have been created by a lady called Thanom Chakkapak.

In the 1980s, Huy Fong Foods brought Sriracha to the United States, after it had already become popular across much of Southeast Asia. In the minds of many, Sriracha is inextricably linked to the iconic red rooster of Huy Fong.

Peppers, garlic, sugar, salt, and vinegar are combined to create Sriracha. This creates a novel taste by combining spicy with sour and sweet notes. While spicy, Sriracha only registers between 1,000 and 2,500 on the Scoville scale.

Tabasco is around 2,5oo or higher, as a point of comparison. Despite its simplicity in construction, it is nonetheless rather potent. It’s thicker than most cooking sauces, so you might use it as a condiment instead.

There was a time when it was difficult to get Sriracha on store shelves, but now there are many different kinds to choose from. From the most expensive bottles made by small producers to the cheapest bottles on the shelf.

There is a distinct flavor to each Sriracha, however the quality varies widely. Huy Fong, the most well-known brand, is highly recommended for first-timers.

Best Substitutes For Sriracha

1. Sambal Oelek

Made with fresh red chilies, vinegar, and a pinch of salt, Sambal Oelek is an Indonesian chili paste. When compared to sriracha, which is silky and resembles ketchup, this sauce is chunkier and the chili seeds are more obvious. With more vinegar and no sugar, sambal oelek has a tangier, brighter flavor than sriracha.

We think that Sambal Oelek is the greatest alternative to sriracha. Like sriracha, it goes well with a wide variety of Asian and non-Asian foods.

Additionally, it looks and tastes very much the same. It’s true that Sambal Oelek is the favorite condiment of our crew.

Like sriracha, Sambal Oelek is often offered in a transparent jar with a screw top cover, and can be found in the Asian section of most supermarkets.

2. Tabasco

If you don’t have Sriracha on hand, you may easily replace Tabasco. Tabasco isn’t quite as consistent, but it’s close in terms of heat.

Sriracha’s distinctive flavor is the major draw, but its fiery heat is why so many recipes call for it. Your preferred spicy sauce may easily stand in for the original. Because of its versatility, Tabasco is often used, although any seasoning from your pantry will do.

To create the most similar tasting sauce, one must first think about what distinguishes Sriracha’s taste and what is lacking in other hot sauces. Even though Sriracha is fiery, you can still taste the garlic, vinegar, and sweetness in it.

If your dish is missing anything, chances are it’s one of those three things. Experiment with different amounts until you find the sweet spot.

There are many of hotter options than Sriracha. Usually, a few drops of Tabasco can do the trick when a recipe asks for a tablespoon of Sriracha.

3. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper, a popular kitchen staple, may stand in admirably for Sriracha.

This is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a last-second substitute.

There is a good amount of heat in dried cayenne pepper, but it won’t offer much taste.

Sriracha is known for bringing a pleasant spiciness to dishes, and using lemon or lime juice may help bring out that flavor even more.

You just need a little amount of cayenne (approximately a quarter of a tablespoon per tablespoon of Rooster Sauce) due to how fiery it already is.

4. Peri Peri Sauce

Made from piri piri chili peppers, peri peri is a traditional Portuguese spicy sauce. Smoked paprika and roasted red peppers are other common additions, as is a splash of acidic vinegar like lemon or apple cider.

This alternative tastes somewhat sweeter than the original due to the inclusion of the red peppers and the moderate spice of the piri piri peppers.

On the other hand, it works well as a meat rub or marinade, or as a sandwich spread in place of Sriracha. Adding some garlic and spicier chili peppers might help bring the taste profile closer to Sriracha.

With this replacement, the heat level is manageable enough that you may use the same quantity as the original sauce.

5. Gochujang

At first glance, gochujang may not seem like a viable alternative to sriracha due to its appearance (a thick paste in a tub). A little touch of vinegar, though, can thin it down and balance the sweetness to come shockingly near in taste. Adding garlic powder, if desired, may bring the taste even closer to the original.

Although you can get chili paste easily at Asian supermarkets, it’s best to be selective about the brand you choose. There is a significant variety in taste between different brands of gochujang; choose one that has a lot of kick.

6. Sweet Chili Sauce

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce is an aromatic and flavorful sauce with hints of sweetness, heat, and sourness. To complement this dish, spring rolls are a common accompaniment. Generally speaking, Sweet Chili Sauce has a greater sugar content than heat.

A lot of the same things as sriracha are in here, such chile, garlic, salt, and vinegar, but in different amounts. The flavor of sweet chili sauce complements many Asian dishes. In contrast to the spiciness of sriracha, the sweetness of this sauce limits its use.

7. Homemade Chili Sauce

Making your own chili sauce from scratch is the best. Whether you’re looking for a sauce, paste, or powder, the Internet is rife with doable recipes. What sort of peppers you use will determine how spicy they are.

You may adjust the heat level by removing the seeds or keeping them in for a hotter dish.

A food processor or blender and chilis are all you need to make your own chili sauce. To heighten the delicious taste, experiment with different types of condiments and spices. Most homemade chili sauces may be stored in the refrigerator for up to ninety days. Keep it in a sealed jar or container to prevent any spoilage.


To sum up, there are many excellent alternatives to Sriracha sauce. Any of these five sauces will do the job if you can’t locate the genuine thing or want something with less spice.

Sriracha’s closest flavorful relative is sambal oelek. But if you like something sweeter, sweet chili sauce is the way to go.

Also, one of the aforementioned spicy sauces is a good choice if you’re looking for something with a little more nuanced taste.

There is a Sriracha alternative that will work for you, no matter what you like. Now that you know you can acquire that trademark Sriracha taste even if you can’t locate the genuine stuff, go ahead and enjoy your meals.

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